Unified spaces that engage with audiences.

Unified Studio is a boutique consultancy that works on experiential design projects, including both traditional and non-traditional interior design spaces, along with broadcast scenic design.

Our focused agency is here to help you with design, illustration, planning and strategy — merging unique design with the power of enhanced storytelling.

Reimagining interiors and broadcast spaces.

We're a boutique firm capable of serving clients in a wide array of interior and experiential design disciplines. From emerging technology, like LED and augmented/virtual reality, to proven design strategies for engagement. Unified Studio is here to help you stand out a unique solution for your interior, whether it's a branded environment, interior space or broadcast studio.

Our team of Emmy nominated designers look forward to beginning the conversation and seeing how we can help you today. You can reach us via email to discuss your next project or to submit an RFP.

Our traditional scope includes overall consulting, strategy, design development, graphic design for interior spaces (such as large format graphics), furniture selection, illustration, visualization and project management.

Get in touch with us!

Email: info@unifiedstudiogroup.com

Phone: (415) 463-1765